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We are a group of professionals from all walks of Home Decor & Gifting , we have acquired wisdom from the field and understand your requirements completely.

“We are a team able to delineate your thought, need and want to customized solution”

Our aim is to provide products of your choice and taste. The idea of Custde  is to shatter the stereotype as we want everything in your home should be of your choice.

We started our journey in 2012 and by 2019 we are selling an array of home decor (wall stickers, wall panels, wall clocks, acrylic stickers, acrylic panels etc.) and gift products (personalized clocks, personalized photo frames, personalized table clocks, personalized wall stickers, personalized table lamps etc.)

We sell bonhomie!!! The cheerfulness of manner, the glee, the love for kid, parents and grandparents, your daughter’s favourite colour, your son’s martial art pose, anything that gives you the kick for going on, the struggle you have overcome, the stage you relish, we have it all. Just let us know which way to want it, we are all there.